New ideas from Fantoni at Salone del Mobile

New ideas from Fantoni at Salone del Mobile


All the latest new ideas from Fantoni at the Salone del Mobile are contained in an architectural box conceived as a tribute to Gino Valle. 50 years have passed since the start of the collaboration between Fantoni and this architect who has left the most profound mark on the company in all its history. 

The obvious starting point was the Memorial to the Resistance in Udine, a building that is emblematic of the clean architecture and rational use of materials that is a hallmark of Valle's career. The contents speak of ongoing research: from the partnership between Fantoni and Metrica comes Woods, an innovative, contemporary and versatile design. Created for the contract market, the Woods collection offers great comfort and aesthetic quality. Wood, the ultimate natural material, bursts into the Fantoni office world. Woods is a complete series of tables, created following reflection on new ways of working and on how the workplace is changing. It offers a range of modules, from the “focus” station to a shared one, and from meeting areas to collaboration spaces.

The key feature of this innovative design is the use of solid beech or oak wood. This material gives a sense of naturalness and visual comfort that is the perfect complement to the comfort offered by the performance of the table, which can be used in both a standing and a sitting position. The sloped design of the leg gives the table a simple yet sophisticated look, comprising two telescopic cylindrical elements, one of which is in wood. Inside it is an electronic mechanism that effortlessly adjusts the height of the table top. The table's electrical connections are hidden under the top, while the modesty panel can be fitted with storage accessories and with a USB socket for recharging electronic devices.

Lucio Quinzio Leonelli, President & Managing Partner of Metrica, talks about the partnership between the two businesses, “We believe that what attracted Fantoni to work with Metrica was initially our outstanding design practice, which guarantees design sensitivity, technical competency and technological innovation, combined with a vision of the market and of the end customer”. 

Another new product at the Salone is a partitioning system: I-Wallflush arose from the idea of moving even further from the concept of the historic I-wallspace partition as a physical, visible barrier, further minimizing everything superfluous (joins, overlaps, glazing beads, visible hinges) in both central and offset partitioning positions, so as to restore glass to its pure transparency. The new system is built around a flush conception, no interruptions from visible horizontal or vertical profiles, simply a visual continuity that gives priority to the layout of work spaces.

Acoustic Room is the solution to the need for both socialization and privacy in the workplace. With increasing frequency, open-plan office spaces require small meeting areas or closed spaces for those in need of privacy. Acoustic Room creates an acoustically-protected haven inside an open-plan office or collective environment, for meetings and other situations requiring particular privacy and focus. 

Passepartout is a modular system comprising panels with different sizes and types of drilling or milling. This system makes organizing the spaces between panels easy and free of any size-related constraints, and ensures suitable positioning and easy access both to the sound-absorbent panels themselves and to the installations, whatever their type and form. The panels are individually suspended using cables, while karabiners make for easy inspection.