Cairo Designathon

Cairo Designathon

Cairo Designathon, is Egypt's first online design marathon, which took place between May 6th to May 8th, in response to Covid19 Pandemic and it's subsequent global lockdown.

The Designathon was carried out collaboratively online, with the participation of 72 designers from 4 countries, divided into 10 teams, under the guidance of 13 design facilitators and mentors, producing 10 design solutions in 5 categories relating to life after the pandemic. On May 8, the 10 design solutions was assessed by a respectable and diverse Jury committee with strong international representation, in a 4 hours Jury session that was broadcast live across social media platforms. 

The Designathon also featured 7 design talks by prominent experts from the design and industry scene, delivering insights on topics relating to the Designathon overall theme. On May 10th the jury committee announced results, signaling 3 designs as winning entries, and 2 honorable mentions. The winning designs will go into prototyping and production funded and supported by the Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industries, with the help of Cairo Design Awards, also the entire outcome of the Designathon will be published in El Beit Magazine, June 2020 issue, and showcased in Cairo Design Awards 2020.

The Core Idea

Cairo Designathon is aimed at generating creative ideas and designs to adapt and recover from the Covid19 pandemic!

3 Days

Totally Online

Totally Volunteer Work

Ideas Offered open source for everyone

10 Teams Of Young Designers, volunteering and united for one goal, generating innovative ideas to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

5 Topics/Themes

1. Health Care: Protection/prevention products

2. Home products and design solutions

3. Workplace/education products and design solutions

4. Urban parks, Architecture and outdoors

5. Retail/Entertainment products and design solutions