SCM launches at Xylexpo its new IoT platform - designed to change the future of wood processing

SCM launches at Xylexpo its new IoT platform - designed to change the future of wood processing

With a high-impact exhibition booth of over 3,000 square metres, the Italian Group confirms its market leadership and presents the widest internationally-available range designed for the industry - with brand-new digital additions. “Work simple. Work digital”

SCM, a solid and reliable player across the woodworking industry, catering to any partner from small-sized companies to the largest multinational organisations, confirms its attendance at the 26th edition of Xylexpo (Fiera Milano-Rho, 8-12 May), where it will present its latest technological and digital solutions designed to guarantee to its own customers quality improvement, lower costs and greater efficiency.

From an innovative, impressive booth of over 3,000 square metres in Hall 2, where as many as fifty machine models will showcase the widest international range in the industry, the Italian giant will present "Maestro Digital Systems", the platform of digital tools created by SCM to dramatically streamline the daily work of operators by improving their performance, in line with the "Work simple. Work digital" concept underlying the whole SCM communication strategy at the show. Among these, the main focus will be on the new IoT ("Internet of Things") platform, Maestro connect, in response to the latest Industry 4.0 requirements.

As stated by Luigi De Vito, the SCM Division Director, "Creating a Smart Factory means creating an intercommunicating and intelligent factory, where different and physically distant entities (machines in different workshops, different operators in the same production chain linked by a common flow of information, etc.) are integrated. The new generation SCM machines are intelligent, automated and connected machines, able to collect through smart components (sensors, microprocessors, software, etc.), and connectivity systems, machine data potentially able to be combined with data from different and complementary sources, from inside or outside the company. Software and sophisticated algorithms will be able to extract valuable information for customers from these data, including, for example, the probability of a machine downtime in the next 24 hours."

SCM's major investment is one of the highlights of an extraordinary year for the Group, closer and closer to the target of 700 million turnover and with constantly growing staff numbers - currently at a headcount of over 3600 units operating both in Italy and in the 20 overseas branches.

A year also characterised by major investments nation-wide, including, in Monza, the new production site and the Superfici Technology Centre, SCM's standard-setting brand in the finishing business, the creation of the edge-banding Technology Centre in Thiene (VI), the largest in Italy, and the new production area in Zogno (BG), reviving a 20,000 sq m manufacturing centre in order to increase production of CMS special machines. CMS is a Bergamo-based company which for 15 years has been the pride of the Group, focusing on the processing of advanced materials, plastics, glass, metal and stone, used in the automotive and aerospace industries for example.


Maestro connect is the innovative IoT platform based on the "Internet of Things" concept. "It is a system for collecting and analysing data retrieved from SCM machines to increasingly monitor and optimise production processes, enabling on one hand a full control of production performances by the customer and on the other hand a series of micro services such as, for example, a timely and smart maintenance and an optimized spare parts management - as stated by Manuela Andreani, the SCM Software Product Manager -. The advantages granted by the system are: increased productivity and decreased downtime, improved and continuous operating cost control, lower maintenance costs and the ability to monitor machine parameters and performance in real time, anywhere and at any time, so as to be able to always correct any malfunction in an increasingly timely manner (smart maintenance)”.

Visitors to Xylexpo will be able to find out all about the advantages offered by Maestro connect on some of the most popular numerical control SCM machining centres among solid wood and panel processing companies. These include accord 42 fx, the latest evolution of the accord range, which has raised considerable interest among door, window and stairs manufacturers, with its dual spindle, combined 3- and 5-axis independent head machining centre, designed to combine in the most efficient way high power and profiling requirements with creative performance and production flexibility, in line with the demands of a market where the focus is increasingly shifting toward customised, personalised products. 

Also expected to be enhanced by the new IoT solutions by SCM is morbidelli m220, the new, exclusive milling and boring machining centre for furniture panels, whose distinctive feature is to operate two parallel, independent heads for the simultaneous boring of several panels, so as to allow for up to 70% savings off boring cycles. The machine is equipped with software to control the automatic arrangement of the panels to be processed and an optimising algorithm able to determine the fastest boring strategy. This algorithm, combined with boring heads designed to work in pairs with reduced centre distance, independently chooses whether to work with both heads on the same panel or simultaneously on two panels (one head per panel).


Maestro connect joins the other solutions available from Maestro Digital Systems, the platform of digital products and services seamlessly integrated with the solid process technologies for SCM woodworking: the new, latest generation, multi-function, wide-screen and multi-touch operator panel (eye-M), the innovative remote assistance and maintenance system with augmented reality glasses (Maestro smartech), the powerful and versatile Maestro suite, a complete software system for all processing types and methods, as well as the Virtual Reality 3D Integrated Cell Simulation system (Maestro xplore).

In the Digital Hub set up for Xylexpo, SCM will also present its latest software designs: the new and latest version of Maestro CNC software to be integrated in all machining centres including accord 42 fx and morbidelli m220. Among Maestro CNC innovations, the new tool-workpiece machining simulator, allowing to check processing details and to have direct visual control of the obtained result through animated 3D rendering - which makes it possible to check the accuracy of the tool path and correct any programming errors remotely from the designer office; Maestro square, the latest addition to the Maestro Suite software range, integrated for celaschi squaring machines, designed to manage work programs and monitor machine status by displaying real time performance data. With the "pro" version, the user will also have access to a number of advanced features, from pyramidal setup through axis interpolation all the way to tool wear management. Other highlights of the show will be Maestro cut and ottimo cut for advanced cutting management and optimisation.